Smakelijke hamburgers op een rijtje
Geitenkaas salade met walnoten

Menu card 't QarraZ - GESLOTEN

lactose gluten With herb butter, aïoli and tapenade

lactose gluten vegetarisch With red union, jalapeños and cheddar

gluten* Served with crusty bread

gluten noten With red onion, Parmesan cheese, rocket, pine nuts and truffle mayonnaise

lactose vis With red onion, capers and cream cheese

gluten vis With garnishes, served with chili sauce, cucumber and garlic

vis Sliced veal with capers and tuna mayonnaise

noten With sirloin strips, bacon, cashews and oriental dressing

lactose noten vegetarisch With walnuts and honey

All of our ‘Salads’ can be ordered as Starter or as Main Dish

lactose gluten* Burger (220 grams) made from the best beef, with red onion, bacon, cheddar cheese and barbecue sauce

lactose gluten* Beef burger Mexican Style with tomato chutney, onion rings and jalapeños mayonnaise

lactose gluten* Beef burger with gruyère, garlic mushrooms, mixed lettuce and truffle mayonnaise

lactose gluten* vegetarisch Beet Burger with quinoa and guacamole

All of our ‘Burgers’ are served with fries gluten* and garnishes

lactose gluten Deliciously tender Dutch beef with garlic butter, mushroom sauce or pepper sauce

vis Heavenly skewer with salmon, cod and Black Tiger shrimps

All of our ‘Meat & Fish’ are served with fries gluten* and garnishes

lactose noten pinda Dutch chicken with acar, cassava crackers and satay sauce

gluten Home-marinated ribs (600 grams) served with cold sauces. Sweet or Spicy

All of our ‘Chicken & Ribs’ are served with fries gluten* and garnishes

lactose gluten* With tomato, red onion, cheese and barbecue sauce. Mayonnaise and apple sauce

gluten* Nice sweet ribs. Mayonnaise and apple sauce

gluten* Snack options are: a kroket (ragout roll), a frikandel (meat roll) or chicken nuggets. Mayonnaise and apple sauce

lactose Creamy vanilla ice cream with hot chocolate sauce and whipped cream

lactose Delicious cream with seasonal fruit

A refreshing dessert with fresh fruit

lactose Combination of white and brown chocolate and a brownie

lactose Scoop of vanilla ice cream with whipped cream and decoration

lactose Italian, French or Spanish coffee

Allergens legend
Gluten gluten
Nuts nuts
Lactose lactose
Fish fish
Peanuts peanuts
Vegetarian vegetarian
If you have an allergy, let us know!
* Ask for our gluten-free options